Hot Denver Real Estate Market? Santa Fe Arts Rowhome Snapped Up

Well, I think we may be off to another hot Denver Real Estate market in 2018!! After all the holiday cheer, I typically see my real estate business pick back up at the end of February or in early March. This month has already been super busy with no signs of slowing down. My property in Evergreen, Colorado just sold last week.Denver Real Estate market

Santa Fe Arts District Home Sells Fast

My new listing at 802 W. 12th Ave. Denver, Colorado 80204 was listed last Friday. Three days later, we are Under Contract! I knew when I entered the home in the Denver Metrolist that this would be a hot little property to hit the Denver real estate market. It is an historic rowhome in the Santa Fe Art District.

What a crazy weekend of showings! We had over 50 showings. My Sellers decided to stop after receiving 10 great offers. Buyers do determine value though as we are under contract for way over what I had it listed for at $319,900. All offers for this quaint home in Santa Fe Art District were over our asking price. I listed my property at the high end of the market given the current homes sold.

Now, I just need to do my job as their Realtor and get this property to appraise at value! I am confident that I will get the job done for them. The only reason that the Sellers are moving from such a cool rowhome in the Santa Fe Art District is they need more space for their growing family. Having one kid is fine for a 2 bed 1 bath home under 1,000 sq. ft. but not when you are planning on have a second child! Oh, don’t forget the doggie Lilah. She needs her run-around space too!Denver Real Estate market

Downtown Denver Arts District

I am so happy that the Buyer purchasing this charming Denver home will love it as much as my Sellers do. What appeals to the Buyer who is purchasing is that he can walk or bike to work in Downtown Denver. Plus, his best friend lives only two blocks away!

The Buyer loves the Santa Fe Art District and the art and culture, local restaurants, and breweries it has to offer. It is going to be nice for him to leave his rowhome and walk over to the coffee shop before he strolls on over to his job! If you want to see more of what the Santa Fe Art District has to offer, go to their website at

This Realtor Foretells 2018 Denver Real Estate Market

My prediction for the Denver housing market forecast 2018 is that…it is going to be another awesome year! If you are looking to buy or sell a home in the Denver Metro, you can get in touch with me, Amy Hitch: 720-299-3554 for all your Real Estate needs. Or visit my website at

How Do I Search for HUD Homes in Denver, Colorado?


Realtors are frequently asked by buyers interested in HUD homes how to find those homes in Denver, CO. Actually, the Department of Housing and Urban Development, (HUD) makes it quite easy to locate those properties.

Denver Real Estate CompanyThe best way to begin your Denver CO search is to refer to the Hud Home website at From there you will be prompted to search the site in 3 ways. Choose either or all of the options listed here:

Map Function
Search Property Function
Special Program Links

By using the Search function buyers are directed to HUD homes that meet their distinct criteria: the city, price category, number of bedrooms, baths etc.. The more information you include on the form, the more specific will your search be. If you choose not to include those specifics, the only compulsory requirement is the inclusion of the State in which you are searching.

The Property Search function is the recommended choice. HUD homes are presented in a gallery format or as a list. When the property case number is clicked, the file opens to unveil the specific details of the HUD property you’re interested in. You will see photos and essential info such as number of bedrooms, baths, square footage, the age and address of the property.

The Special Programs Link refers to special cases or prices for individual properties that usually offer unique classifications, special prices or other unique qualities.

The Richards Group is well qualified to answer any additional queries about the HUD program and specific HUD properties in the Metro Denver area. Call (720) 733-1548 to schedule an appointment or a showing of the HUD homes that you are interested in.

Home Builders Close to Saying it’s a Good Housing Market


Home builders in Denver CO and across the nation are facing a quandary this year. Public interest and confidence in the housing market increased by an impressive 4 points in June, according to the real estate confidence index. The numbers stand at 49, a scant one point short of what realtors consider a “good” market.  Also noted was the increase in sales conditions which stood at 54, a six point increase.

new-construction-richards-groupSo what’s the problem? According to the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) Chairman Kevin Kelly, one of the biggest obstacles facing the industry is the limited availability of construction labor.

Consumers too, continue to hold hold back on buying new homes while awaiting “clear signals of a full fledged economic recovery,” says NHBA Chief Economist David Crowe. This statement is confirmed by the buyer traffic component of the poll which stood at an anemic 36 after a three point gain.

As a result, even though there is light at the end of the tunnel, most home builders continue to hold back on starting new home building projects.

Denver CO Homepage

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Castle Rock Firefighters Need Public’s Help to Win $10,000


Castle Rock CO’s District 6 Volunteer Fire Department is regarded as one of the top units in the state. But when $10,000 is at stake, the guys get even better.

castle-rock-co-fire-departmentJohnsonville Sausage Company, the Wisconsin based purveyor of fine sausage, sponsors an annual “Best Volunteer Fire Department” contest. The contest is open to volunteer firefighting groups from across the Nation who demonstrate both their prowess as firefighters and their contribution to the communities they service. The Castle Rock CO Crew are the only finalists from the west coast in contention for the $10,000 first place award.

It’s a matter of pride that drives 22 member volunteer group, who besides the big cash prize, can win educational books for the department, as well as clothing and hats provided by the International Fire Service Training Association and Johnsonville Sausage.

The Department has plans for the cash should they take the prize. The roof at the station needs replacement and equipment can stand some updating. The top ten finishers are guaranteed a $1,000 prize but the $10,000 is the real incentive. Besides the cash, 100 homes in the community will win a smoke alarm.

Kurt Stich, the proud temporary fire chief remarked that the men are very community minded and hopes that the community of Castle Rock CO will responded in kind with their support. The contest winner will be determined by the number of votes their community delivers. Residents are urged to go online to and vote for the District 6 team simply by submitting their email address. Votes are due by June 20 and winners will be announced on the 24th of June.

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 Denver Colorado Ranks Seventh Among Park-Packed Cities


Denver CO Real Estate has an abundance of well funded and accessible parks for Denver area residents to enjoy. Those parks are considered seventh best of 60 park systems in the nation by the Trust For Public Land’s Park Score ranking. This represents a substantial improvement over last year’s number 17 ranking.

Carson Park Pond, Greenwood Village, ColoradoThe numbers say a lot. For every 10,000 Denver CO residents 3.9 parks and playgrounds are available. Furthermore, some 84% of those facilities are within easy walking distance to a park. Denver CO sees the value of their park system and happily spends $124 per resident to maintain it.

The fast growing city of Aurora CO is keeping pace as well with 2.4 parks per 10,000 residents and 85% of locals within 10 minutes of a park.

Denver’s rankings increased dramatically when the their “Learning Landscapes” school playgrounds were opened to the public. That move leapfrogged the city 10 spots higher in the overall ranking, passing Sacramento for the 7th spot in the nation.

Denver City officials have taken up the challenge of keeping their open spaces “open” and accessible to residents, assuring them and future generations accessible, well funded parks and great recreational spaces and an example for cities throughout the entire country.

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Mayfair Neighborhood Homes For Sale in Denver Colorado


If you have even the slightest bit of nostalgia running through your veins, and are enchanted by the history of this fascinating gateway city, Mayfair can bear further consideration and investigation on your part to determine whether it is a perfect spot to reestablish your roots. The post WWII development of Mayfair is an ideal setting for you especially if you love the charm of city living. This old neighborhood has been well maintained and improved over the years. Within its boundaries you will find Mayfair Park and Lindsley Park located near the Health Sciences Center. In addition, in the area near the Denver Zoo and the Nature and Science Museum you will find City Park.

The entire area is under the watchful eye of preservationists who have plans in place for the redevelopment of areas in and near Mayfair. The entire area will continue to grow and prosper, as will the adjoining neighborhoods of Park Hill, Montclair, Crestmoor and Hilltop. Look for new development at Lowry and Stapleton as well. These are exciting times for the city and for those who would like to share in the rebirth. This is the time to go all in.

As people flow into these urban neighborhoods, the amenities continue to expand. Practically anything available in the suburbs is available here in these classic redevelopments. The area is becoming quite renown for some of the fine restaurants within its borders. Watch the people line up for great meals and wonderful times at popular spots like The Elm, Mataam Fez, Solera and The Cork. Check out Mayfair Park at Jersey and 10th and Linsley Park along Hale Parkway for fun activities and enthusiastic crowds. The atmosphere in the city is good,in fact real good and fun for all.

Mayfair even has its own shopping center that runs between Fourteenth Street and Krameria St. as well as interesting shopping strips along Colfax and Colorado. It’s all here, everything you might need to live a fun lifestyle. Schools, top rated medical facilities, restaurants, entertainment venues and easy access to transportation.

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Recreation Center Expansion Project Underway in Parker Colorado


In a matter of days, work will begin on the old Parker Recreation Center, which will ultimately replace that building with a state of the art facility. According to Parker CO community planners, the new recreational center will do the community proud. Mayor Mike Waid stated that the long anticipated project, will take just over a year to complete, with opening of the new Parker Colorado recreation center projected to occur in June of 2015.rec-center-expansion001

The first phase kicks off this summer with the demolition of portions of the original building and in the parking lot at the north end of the building. A new temporary entrance will be located at that site. It will allowing patrons to gain access by way of the gymnasium, while extensive work progresses during this initial construction phase along the building’s front.

Parker Colorado residents of the area are excited, as the new Parker Recreation Center will offer a complete set of amenities geared to the entire town. The featured attraction is a pool with a full range of aquatic amenities. Visitors can enjoy the pool for leisure use as well as for therapy and an enlarged lap swimming area.

In addition to the pool, the new Parker Recreational Building will offer an enlarged gymnasium, half again as large as the original, a party room for the youngsters, classrooms, an updated, well equipped fitness facility, renovated locker rooms and a spacious lobby/reception area. The exterior of the 34,000 square foot building will also feature a new exterior elevation befitting the overall concept of the new neighborhood gymnasium and activity center.

Planners have gone through extraordinary measures to keep most of the facility operating all through the construction process, through completion in the summer of 2015. For questions about the project, contact community officials at:

Call The Richards Group with any questions about the Recreation Center Expansion Project Underway in Parker Colorado at 720.733.1548.


Aurora’s Murphy Creek Fire “House” is Really in a House


For this unique fire “house” in Aurora Colorado, temporary means at least seven years. That’s the length of time the house on South Catawba Circle has been part of the neighborhood. The house is the official home of Fire Station 15. It fits inauspiciously into the Murphy Creek development where its picket fence and typical backyard gives it a lived in normal look.murphy-creek-aurora-firehouse

The only real difference between this house and many others in the neighborhood is the extra tall garage that allows the station’s big red fire vehicle to be stored inside. But today, tall garages are not uncommon for people who own large motor homes.

The house was provided by the original developer so that the community could meet the requirements and fire safety standards of a growing community. The fire “house” has 3,000 square feet, enough to accommodate several firefighters. The city of Aurora provides the staff and equipment, which has resulted in a perfectly situated facility that works well for first responders in the community.

The location is a perfect for the community as first responders are smack in the middle of things, including the neighboring communities of Cross Creek, Traditions and Adonea. Everyone in he area knows the location of this unique facility which is situated close to the Murphy Creek Golf Course clubhouse.

But all good things must come to an end sometime. That sometime will happen to Fire Station 15 when the population in the area outgrows the current facility. When that happens, a new station will be built and the era of the neighborhood fire “house” will come to an end.

The future of #15 will be an interesting footnote in the history of Aurora.

Murphy Creek Neighborhood Aurora CO Homepage

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How Does Colorado Compare as a Retirement Mecca?

Happiness counts, at least when determining which states are the best to live in. In a study conducted by Bankrate, the best place is actually South Dakota, by virtue of that The Denver CO Visitors Guidestate’s low crime and tax rates, as well as it’s lower cost of health care.

Denver Colorado Real Estate is more upscale in the eyes of many, plus the weather is a bit more temperate than that of South Dakota, as are taxes. These great advantages are negated by a higher cost of living in the Denver area, a fact retirees take note of.

The hustle and bustle of the oil boom in South Dakota are also reasons to regard Denver as a better place to retire. Blue skies or black oil? Take your choice.

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