23rd May, 2009

Living Green in Denver Homes & Real Estate – Check for Toilet Leaks!

Denver Water Saver TipDenver Water is hoping Denver residential home owners will take a closer look at the toilets in their Denver homes. Okay it sounds a little strange but checking for leaks can save water and money. Toilets are usually the biggest water using device in the home and they account for nearly 30% of indoor water usage in a typical Denver home. Denver Water says that even a tiny leak can waste between 100 and 250 gallons of water every day. According to Denver Water the best way to check for a leak is to put several drops of food coloring in the water tank, do not flush the toilet for at least 30 minutes, come back and check the water in the bowl. If it’s colored there’s a leak! Denver Water also wants to remind customers about a program to help pay for low flow toilets. If you replace your old toilet with a more efficient one you can get a rebate of between $25 and $125. Those newer toilets can use between 50 and 75% less water! It’s not just water… It’s a way of life! To find out how to participate in that rebate program contact Denver Water at…

Denver Water
1600 West 12th Avenue
Denver, CO 80204-3412
Customer Care: 303.893.2444


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