12th Nov, 2009

Action Plan Addresses the future of the Town of Castle Rock and Surrounding Communities such as The Meadows

greenCastle Rock’s Leadership Council is asking for the public’s help in devising an action plan that will spread green opportunities throughout the community of The Meadows at Castle Rock Real Estate.  This Action Plan developed by the Castle Rock Planning Commission, promotes MAJOR environmental and economic steps to ensure the viability of communities like The Meadows and other surrounding communities over the coming decades to limit energy consumption and save money where possible.  A Public workshop is planned for November 7th at 7pm at Castle Rock’s Town Hall for staff member to gather feedback and address roadblocks that prevent everyday citizens from pitching in.  It has become a hot topic as more homeowners explore ways to reduce heating and electricity costs through energy savings wind turbines or solar panels in their own back yard.  Castle Rock’s government has developed a team called “Project Green” that recommends cost-savings ideas that also could reduce expenditures and spending money on Eco-Friendly products for the homeowners. For Example, Castle Rock has recently used a $175,000 grant to convert Streetlights throughout the downtown area from traditional bulbs to LED lights.  Sophisticated irrigation systems with weather stations that read wind, temperature and evaporation rates are being installed.

“We can go beyond town government and to directly to the homeowners and HOAs” said Heather Vidlock, Planning Manager of the Town of Castle Rock.  The all-encompassing plan potentially could entail code revisions to enable alternative energy systems, incentives for Green Building and Public Outreach to educate the homeowner associations about how they can participate through water conservation and recycling.

This is a GREAT opportunity for our major communities such as The Meadows at Castle Rock real estate to get involved and let the homeowners speak out for Green Conservation and energy cost savings.

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