12th Nov, 2009

Denver Homeowner Decorating TIPS

Stapleton Denver HomeA great advantage to owning your own Denver home is that you can decorate it anyway you want – to reflect your own personality and style!   Below are some tips to help you get creative with the interior decorating of your Denver home.  Almost all of these tips are relatively inexpensive and fairly quick to do.  Tap into your creative vein and have fun… make it your home!

Try painting one wall in a room with an accent color.  This adds personality and dimension to a room and especially helps a room that has no architectural details.

Do you have a long hallway in your Denver home?  Add a mirror or large picture at the end of the hallway to take away that ‘dead-end’ feel and visually shorten the hallway.

If you have a home office or want a home office in your Denver home:

Be sure your office space is separate from other living space, i.e. not in your dining room or living room.  Dedicate an extra bedroom or a separate area in your finished basement for your home office. If that’s not practicable, how about converting a closet for your home office?

Organize your office space! An organized space makes for more efficient work and an uncluttered mind. Use baskets on shelves and containers or dividers in drawers to house like items.

Your creativity can be effectively enhanced by silver blue, soft gray or warm tan colors.  You might try muted greens, black accents, navy blue or sky blue colors which can increase general efficiency.

If you have clients visit your office, be sure there is a comfortable, welcoming space for them to sit while waiting or consulting with you.

Put a new look on old furniture.  Refinishing a chair or table is easy and you can darken or lighten the wood tones to fit in with your design plan.  Painting is even easier!  You can even spray paint furniture to give it a glossy, matte or satin finish and of course a punch of color if you wish!

Buy new, make new or recover old  accent pillows to add a designer punch of color.  Pillows are easy to do and are a very inexpensive way to change the whole look of a room!

Consider snappy new slip covers for chairs and couches.  There are now a wide range of shapes and sizes in different colors on the market.  If you are a talented seamstress you can sew your own!

Make a lighting plan for your space.  Consider up-lighting or down-lighting to highlight art, architectural accents and even plants.  Be sure there is general lighting and task lighting for specific activities such as reading, sewing or playing games.


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