19th Nov, 2009

Castle Rock CO is Home to the Integrative Wellness Group

IWG_logoCastle Rock, Colorado home owners are fortunate to have in their midst an experienced and caring group of people that make up the Integrative Wellness Group.  Integrative Medicine is located in downtown Castle Rock on 3rd Street real estate, number 340.

Heading up Integrative Medicine is Dr. Dave Barton, Chiropractor.

Dr. Barton’s vision for The Integrative Wellness Group is to treat the client’s whole body with a group approach.  Each Castle Rock practitioner at Integrative Wellness is highly trained, skilled and experienced in their individual fields.  The areas of concentration at Integrative Wellness Group are:  Chiropractic, Therapeutic Massage, Kinesiology, Acupuncture and Quantum Energetic Structured Techniques.  I’m with you… some of these I had never heard of before!  But here is a brief overview of these modes of therapy.

Chiropractic – Method of manipulation to bring the whole body back into alignment and natural posture.  When your body is out of whack it greatly impacts not just your posture, physical activities and pain level but your emotional and mental states as well.

This is why Dr. Barton believes that the whole body and mind should be treated, not just the body part that is screaming the loudest.  Dr. Barton received his degree in 1994 from Kansas City’s ‘Cleveland Chiropractic College’.  Dr. Barton has treated several sports teams including the Denver Broncos.

Therapeutic Massage – What I’ve learned recently is that therapeutic massage is NOT a feel good massage!  The point, as I see it, of therapeutic massage is to irritate the body in the afflicted area where a tendon or muscle attaches to the body.  This irritation gets the bodies attention and the body responds by increased blood flow to the area and thereby healing itself.  Dave Elzey is the Therapeutic Massage Therapist at Integrative Wellness Group and was voted “Best of the Best in Therapeutic Massage” in Castle Rock two years running 2008 and 2009!  I went to Dave with a pinched Sciatic nerve and horrific pain and with just one therapeutic massage session my pain stopped for good!  Dave is my hero!   🙂

Kinesiology is something I wasn’t familiar with before going to Integrative Wellness.  Most know kinesiology as the study of movement of the human body.  Tamlyn Hill is the Kinesiology expert at Integrative Wellness.  In Kinesiology muscle strength and health in different parts of the body are tested and the ‘feedback’ they give is used in conjunction with the emotional and mental state in what is called a “Balance Session”.  The information acquired in the Balance Session is not always readily accessible in a regular conscious state.  The information collected in a Balance Session is released through the conscious brain as well as the body.  Kinesiology is used to help in many areas including:  overcoming trauma, phobias and fears as well as pain mental, physical and emotional stress.

Acupuncture has two types: Chinese and Japanese.  Ann Johnson, who has recently joined the Integrative Wellness Group, has long been a student of the Chinese method of Acupuncture.  Ann attended the Colorado School of Traditional Chinese Medicine where she graduated with honors and went on to get a Masters of Science Degree in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine.  Ann is also a Nationally Board Certified Herbalist and Acupuncturist as well as an educator and CMT.  Acupuncture is very helpful for those who suffer with depression, addictions, pain, ADD, ADHD, insomnia and much more.

Quantum Energetic Structure Technique (QEST or QE) is definitely something I had never heard of before.  Raedene Vanden Heuval at Integrative Wellness uses QEST which is a compilation of several techniques to gain maximum healing.  The three techniques are 1) a specific treatment order; 2) nutrition that detoxifies chemicals and toxins from the body while building cell energy, and 3) an approach to physical health that promotes balancing the energy in the body and boosting the body’s immunological response.  QEST can benefit those with degenerative, digestive or inflammatory conditions as well as those with ligament or muscle trauma, head trauma or whiplash injuries just to mention a few.

For more information call the Integrative Wellness Group at 303-814-9262 today and get 25% off your first visit! 

(Reader is to verify all information as blog is the interpretation of writer and may not be accurate.)

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