19th Nov, 2009

Local Businesses Decorate for the Holidays in Castle Rock, Colorado

Local Businesses Decorate for the Holidays in Castle Rock, Colorado

StarlightingThe Castle Rock Chamber of Commerce has been holding a contest for the best Christmas decorations on Castle Rock real estate storefront businesses.  The goal of the Chamber’s Castle Rock contest is to make downtown Castle Rock as charming and festive as possible for the upcoming Starlighting event.  The contest theme is “Sense of Wonder” which is certainly appropriate for this most wondrous and joyous time of the year!  Businesses had to have signed up by November 9th in order to have been able to compete – giving them plenty of time to dream up, draw up and put up their bright and shiny decorations.  This is the 74th Annual Starlighting in Castle Rock, Colorado real estate and is celebrated by the entire town coming together to celebrate the Season by lighting the star atop Castle Rock.

The judging for the Chambers Decorating Contest will be on November 20th and the results will be announced at the Starlighting which starts on this Saturday at 5:00 p.m. –  it is best to get there early!  Be sure to drive or walk through town after the sunsets before Saturday and pick your winner and then see if you are right when you attend the Starlighting on November 21st!  Remember, if you want to eat out at one of our Castle Rock’s great restaurants please make your reservations early.  For more information on the Starlighting see our earlier Blog Article.  See you at the Starlighting!  🙂

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