30th Nov, 2009

Monthly Denver Real Estate Homeowner Tip – Carbon Monoxide Awareness

Attention Denver Real Estate Homeowners:  Carbon monoxide is frequently referred to as the “silent killer,” and can be very dangerous in your Denver home.  It is an odorless, colorless gas that is produced from combustion and is very difficult to detect.  Any appliance or device that burns fuel can produce carbon monoxide and should be monitored to prevent dangerous build-up in your Denver home.

Some causes of carbon monoxide poisoning in Denver homes are:

1. Dirty or clogged chimneys in your fireplace or wood stove
2. Improper installation of gas stoves
3. Portable heaters or any appliance carrying gas or kerosene
4. A cracked furnace exchange in your fuel-burning furnace
5. Cigarette smoke
6. Vehicle exhaust, especially in homes with attached garages
7. Not using proper outside ventilation for gas dryers
8. Disconnected or damaged water heater flue

How can I tell if I’m at risk for carbon monoxide?

The symptoms are similar to those you would have with the flu or a cold; and the best way to avoid risk is to check all your appliances et al to make sure everything is functioning properly. People with a history of heart or respiratory disease and pregnant women are among those that carbon monoxide affects the most.

If you feel strange or have sudden symptoms, immediately get fresh air, open doors and windows, and turn off all appliances running on fuel.

Install a carbon monoxide detector. They aren’t fool-proof and you should still take proper precautions with your appliances, but they could help detect CO in your Denver home before it’s too late.


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