1st Dec, 2009

Old Denver Airport Real Estate Turns Green

The Old Control Tower at the Once Was Stapleton International AirportDenver’s  old Stapleton Real Estate airport closed and Denver’s new International Airport opened in 1995.  The closing of Denver’s Stapleton airport left thousands of acres of premier urban land close to downtown Denver real estate available for something else.  That something else is now a neighborhood called Stapleton Denver.  Stapleton Denver is nine years into a twenty year growth and development plan.  In the end the Stapleton Denver real estate community will grow to approximately 30,000 people making it one of the largest redevelopment public works project within a U.S. city.  No more are the concrete runways.  They have been recycled into bike paths, walking trails and retaining walls.  The Denver Stapleton neighborhood is known for the walk able pedestrian friendly streets, nearby schools, shops, restaurants, open space and playgrounds.  Homes and other builders in the Stapleton area are building to Green principals.  This makes them more energy efficient and less expensive to heat and cool.  The developers of Stapleton real estate try to do a good job in recognizing that the environment has to be protected that there are certain things they can do in terms of the selection of landscaping to reduce the consumption of water.

The control tower of the old airport remains as a monument to Stapleton’s history.  Other than that there are few reminders of Stapleton’s past.  The goal of the Stapleton real estate area is to integrate the property into surrounding neighborhoods so that it is really and extension of Denver.  It’s Denver’s opportunity to grow within.

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