4th Oct, 2010

Four Ways to Ensure A Quicker Denver CO Home Sale

Four Ways to Ensure A Quicker Denver CO Home Sale

A conundrum exists in the Denver CO real estate marketDenver CO sellers want to list their homes higher while a Denver CO buyer expects and looks for ways to lower the price on a home. Although selling a Denver property can be challenging, a seller can follow a few simple steps in pricing a home for a quick sale.

The first thing to consider when determining a list price is the number of houses currently for sale in the same neighborhood. If there are many houses for sale in the area, the list price should be at a lower level in order to compete. If a home is competitively priced, a potential buyer will notice and is more likely to put in an offer.

Short sales and foreclosures in good condition will also drive the price down.

A Denver CO seller should be ready and willing to negotiate— both when an offer is on the table and when no offers are being placed on a home. It is fine to negotiate an offer, but do not engage in too long a back-and-forth with a buyer or that buyer may be scared off.

If no offers are coming in, no one has called to express interest, and open houses have few or no attendees, then the listed price is too high. In this situation, sellers should be prepared to cut the price significantly.

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