29th May, 2014

Aurora’s Murphy Creek Fire “House” is Really in a House

Aurora’s Murphy Creek Fire “House” is Really in a House


For this unique fire “house” in Aurora Colorado, temporary means at least seven years. That’s the length of time the house on South Catawba Circle has been part of the neighborhood. The house is the official home of Fire Station 15. It fits inauspiciously into the Murphy Creek development where its picket fence and typical backyard gives it a lived in normal look.murphy-creek-aurora-firehouse

The only real difference between this house and many others in the neighborhood is the extra tall garage that allows the station’s big red fire vehicle to be stored inside. But today, tall garages are not uncommon for people who own large motor homes.

The house was provided by the original developer so that the community could meet the requirements and fire safety standards of a growing community. The fire “house” has 3,000 square feet, enough to accommodate several firefighters. The city of Aurora provides the staff and equipment, which has resulted in a perfectly situated facility that works well for first responders in the community.

The location is a perfect for the community as first responders are smack in the middle of things, including the neighboring communities of Cross Creek, Traditions and Adonea. Everyone in he area knows the location of this unique facility which is situated close to the Murphy Creek Golf Course clubhouse.

But all good things must come to an end sometime. That sometime will happen to Fire Station 15 when the population in the area outgrows the current facility. When that happens, a new station will be built and the era of the neighborhood fire “house” will come to an end.

The future of #15 will be an interesting footnote in the history of Aurora.

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