12th Jun, 2014

Denver Colorado Ranks Seventh Among Park-Packed Cities

 Denver Colorado Ranks Seventh Among Park-Packed Cities


Denver CO Real Estate has an abundance of well funded and accessible parks for Denver area residents to enjoy. Those parks are considered seventh best of 60 park systems in the nation by the Trust For Public Land’s Park Score ranking. This represents a substantial improvement over last year’s number 17 ranking.

Carson Park Pond, Greenwood Village, ColoradoThe numbers say a lot. For every 10,000 Denver CO residents 3.9 parks and playgrounds are available. Furthermore, some 84% of those facilities are within easy walking distance to a park. Denver CO sees the value of their park system and happily spends $124 per resident to maintain it.

The fast growing city of Aurora CO is keeping pace as well with 2.4 parks per 10,000 residents and 85% of locals within 10 minutes of a park.

Denver’s rankings increased dramatically when the their “Learning Landscapes” school playgrounds were opened to the public. That move leapfrogged the city 10 spots higher in the overall ranking, passing Sacramento for the 7th spot in the nation.

Denver City officials have taken up the challenge of keeping their open spaces “open” and accessible to residents, assuring them and future generations accessible, well funded parks and great recreational spaces and an example for cities throughout the entire country.

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