23rd Jun, 2014

How Do I Search for HUD Homes in Denver, Colorado?

How Do I Search for HUD Homes in Denver, Colorado?


Realtors are frequently asked by buyers interested in HUD homes how to find those homes in Denver, CO. Actually, the Department of Housing and Urban Development, (HUD) makes it quite easy to locate those properties.

Denver Real Estate CompanyThe best way to begin your Denver CO search is to refer to the Hud Home website at www.HudHomeStore.com. From there you will be prompted to search the site in 3 ways. Choose either or all of the options listed here:

Map Function
Search Property Function
Special Program Links

By using the Search function buyers are directed to HUD homes that meet their distinct criteria: the city, price category, number of bedrooms, baths etc.. The more information you include on the form, the more specific will your search be. If you choose not to include those specifics, the only compulsory requirement is the inclusion of the State in which you are searching.

The Property Search function is the recommended choice. HUD homes are presented in a gallery format or as a list. When the property case number is clicked, the file opens to unveil the specific details of the HUD property you’re interested in. You will see photos and essential info such as number of bedrooms, baths, square footage, the age and address of the property.

The Special Programs Link refers to special cases or prices for individual properties that usually offer unique classifications, special prices or other unique qualities.

The Richards Group is well qualified to answer any additional queries about the HUD program and specific HUD properties in the Metro Denver area. Call (720) 733-1548 to schedule an appointment or a showing of the HUD homes that you are interested in.

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