Castle Rock Colorado Among Best Places To Own a Home


Colorado continues to grow in popularity and as a great place to live and raise a family. Near the top of the favorite list of communities, best suited for owning a home is the city of Castle Rock. This placement was based on a comprehensive study by Nerdwallet Finance. The factors taken into account we the availability and affordability of homes, along with the growth each city exhibited over the years 2010 – 2013. The study was conducted by NerdWallet Finance.

Castle Rock Colorado

Other high scoring Colorado communities included The Pinery. It scored an impressive third in the study. Nearby Parker CO Real Estate also fared well according to the NerdWallet figures as it finished tenth.

All of this speaks well for the entire state of Colorado. The state has a favorable impression with a large segment of the country’s population. With the fifth largest increase in the nation’s population, the vibrant economy continues to grow and the job market is also expanding rapidly as thousands of jobs are planned for the growing Denver CO area in the near future.

The study determined the scores by interviewing 10,000 residents in 57 locations throughout the State. Pollsters discussed the current rate of home ownership, monthly costs of home ownership as a percentage of the State’s median household income, taking into account the median home values and the population change in the period 2010-12.

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Denver Colorado – Realtor Representation on New Construction – Do You Need It?


Buying a new Denver CO home may be one of the most important events in your life. Why not come prepared so that you can make the most of the situation? The best way to do that is to utilize the services of a Denver Colorado based Realtor. He or she will act in your interest to get you the best possible price, discounts and information, often better than what an on-site sales person can provide.

new-construction-richards-groupIn most cases, Denver CO builders prefer that buyers deal with Realtors over dealing with his on-site representative. Prospects who use our professional services to buy new construction are generally better informed and thereby better prepared to complete the transaction. We have explained the intricacies and handled their objections, questions and paperwork. That’s what we have been trained to do. As such, a builder is well protected and confident that his affairs will be handled as they should.

By using a Denver CO Realtor, a buyer is at no price disadvantage. It costs no more to use a Denver CO Realtor than buying builder-direct. Commissions that would have been paid are not remitted to the buyer if the sale goes through the onsite rep rather than a realtor. This is referred to as the “law of averages”. Builders make up for what they pay us on about half of the direct sales they do. So either way, as far as costs go, it makes no difference to a buyer. A Realtor can keep your interests at heart and you, well within your comfort zone throughout the transaction. More smart buyers are beginning to realize the advantages of using a Realtor when buying new construction.

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Capital Hill Neighborhood in Denver Colorado Real Estate


The Capital Hill Neighborhood in Denver Colorado is the heartbeat of Denver Colorado Real Estate. This prestigious area of Denver is bounded by Colfax, Broadway, 6th Avenue & Downing. This is where the capitol is situated and where the action never ceases for a great number of the state’s young elite and up and coming professionals who gravitate here from all corners of the state.

For many residents, size of their living accommodations is not nearly as important as the location relative to the area’s amenities. Residents find most of the area’s action and attractions within walking distance of home. It’s all here in Capitol Hill in the shadow of the gold-domed state capitol, Cheesman Park and the Civic Center!

Capital Hill Neighborhood in Denver CO Homepage

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Water Wiser Classes Pay Off for Castle Rock Colorado & Its Residents


Because of its location on the semi arid high plains of Colorado, Castle Rock receives little help from Mother Nature in the critical rainfall department. With yearly precipitation only between 8-15 inches, the amount is much less than neighboring areas of Nebraska, which experience an average of 24 inches of welcome rain.


Because of these low rainfall amounts, Castle Rock CO real estate, residents and other concerns are encouraged to conserve water using a number of common sense approaches to reduce consumption. One area that deserves study is the planting of materials more suited to the environment. Using plants and trees that require less moisture is a good plan. Residents are also urged to eliminate water loss from leaking faucets and other household areas.

Castle Rock CO Water Wiser Classes have been established in most communities to provide residents with proper methods of water conservation in and around their property and homes. Castle Rock CO residents who complete the Water Wiser programs are exempted from the “every third day” watering restrictions that have been set in place. Residents can transfer water exemptions to a new Castle Rock CO home if they choose. The rules provide that while they can water every day, they must limit water use to their determined budgets.

The Water Wiser workshops are free, but you are advised sign up soon, as spaces are limited.

It’s a great program for Castle Rock CO residents. For more information visit

Castle Rock CO‘s every-third-day, specific-hours watering program begins every year on June 1 and continues through August.

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Denver CO Mortgages Might be Easier to Get as Wells Fargo Lowers Credit Requirements


mortgage brokerGood news for Denver Realtors from Wells Fargo Bank in Denver CO. The Bank has announced a lowering of the minimum credit score required to secure a mortgage. The minimum score stood at 660 but has now been dropped to 620, a reduction of nearly 7 percent. Rivals have followed suit and in one instance, ha

ve dropped their down payment requirement to 3 percent.

Denver CO Real Estate is expected to benefit from the new requirements as the demand for housing in this fast growing segment of the county continues to expand. Mortgage lending had reached a practically dormant stage, as the economy was not expanding as anticipated.

A new wave of competition is expected in both real estate and banking, as both elements are expected to hit their full stride in the coming months.

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Lincoln Mountain Open Space: Terrain for Hikers, Bikers, Equestrians



As you enter Douglas County, you can’t help but feel the exhilaration, as the splendor of this incredible mountain country unfolds before your eyes, much as it did when the first adventurers came across this land.

Newly acquired by Douglas County, the 876 acre, Lincoln Mountain Open Space is a perfect place for a horseback adventure that can take you to highest bluff of the area. It is also presents an opportunity for the many hikers, bikers and equestrians to climb the top of this towering bluff for an unparalleled view of the southern part of Douglas and the northern portion of El Paso County.

Often compared to the Hidden Mesa Open Space north of Franktown, Lincoln Mountain is unique unto itself. It boasts examples of open prairie landscapes as well as a variety of rock formation spaced among the Ponderosa Pines and native oak forests of the area.

The park is home to a variety of wildlife and offers the creatures ample habitat for survival. You will find a wide assortment of recreational opportunities. The park is also the site of the famous Praying Hands Ranch, an organization that provides valuable equine therapy for those afflicted with various emotional or physical shortcomings. The therapy program for our nation’s wounded wariors has received national recognition.

The familiar sight of Pike’s Pike looms in the distance, as does Long’s Peak. The views even more striking due to the absence of trees to block your view. The Park is certainly worth a visit.

Plan on visiting Lincoln Mountain Open Space during park hours, which are set at one hour before sunrise to one hour after sunset.

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Sneak Peek at the Denver Colorado’s Union Station Transit Hub


With the opening of Union Station on May 9, the Regional Transportation District will be complete. It will be the hub of the Denver Metro Transit network which will make its maiden run on May 12 and open the way for many area commuters.

image007It has been a remarkable transformation to see the derelict and virtually abandoned Denver Union Station return to a useful life. Residents of the area look forward to the opening of this incredible makeover into a dynamic district of retail, office, hotel and housing spaces.

It is all coming together here — a workable conglomeration of essential transport service for the masses, including: commuter and light rail, Amtrak, local and regional buses as well as opportunities for bike riders. This is one of the most comprehensive, well planned facilities of its kind in the country.

As the old RTD station at Market Street closes and moves to Union Station on May 11, the new Union Street Station will open with 22 underground bays, double the capacity of the old station.

New to the area is the Free MetroRide bus service, which begins on May 12. That bus route will operate during periods of high commuter usage between 6-9 a.m. and 3:30 – 6;30 p.m. Monday through Friday. The route of the Free MetroRide bus will be from Union Station to the Civic Center Station, with stops planned every two to three blocks

Future commuters will enjoy easy access to the commuter train from Denver International, Arvada and Westminster. That phase is scheduled for completion in 2016. Expanded service from Thornton on the North Metro line is scheduled for a 2018 opening.

The community is looking forward to the opening of MetroRide, which promises service to 12,000 people every day.

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The 16th Street Mall in Downtown Denver CO

16th Street mall in Downtown Denver COFor a pleasant diversion and a truly enjoyable shopping adventure, a visit to the 16th Street Mall in downtown Denver CO may be in order. This urban pedestrian and transit mall is the home of over 300 locally owned shops and chain operations and over 50 restaurants. The Mall is conveniently situated at 16th and Broadway at the Civic Center Station.

The is truly an attraction for locals and visitors all year long. Outdoor seating arrangements along its tree lined parklike boundaries are an inviting place to gather and gawk. Coming downtown has never been more fun. Getting from one point of its 1.25 mile length to another is fun and FREE when you use the shuttles provided by the Mall authority. The shuttle runs along 16th from the Union Station to the Civic Center Station. What a wonderful way to shop and and enjoy this friendly atmosphere.

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The 16th Street Mall in Downtown Denver CO

Two Master Suite Homes
in the Denver CO Area For Sale
(Includes All Listings From All Companies Not Just Our Listings!)

A Denver CO home with two master suites makes perfect sense for the growing number of Denver Colorado families that share ther homes with aging parents. It is a cost effective way to care for our aging population. It enables people to enjoy the freedom of having their own space and instills a sense of belonging in them.

The two suite approach is growing in popularity in certain sectors. It is a sensible way to house college students who live at home and a wonderful way to enjoy overnight visits from guests who have arrived in town to explore the wonders of Colorado.

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Two Master Suite Homes For Sale in the Denver CO Area

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