9th Nov, 2009

Support your Troops at the Grange in the Meadows at Castle Rock Real Estate

United States FlagPlease Support our troops at The Meadows in Castle Rock! Join the group and support your troops at the Grange in The Meadows neighborhood in Castle Rock, Colorado.

On November 10th through 13th at the Grange in The Meadows, between the hours of 10 and 5, you will have a very special opportunity to support your US Military troops that are stationed away from home!  Save a few minutes in one of these days to drop by and encourage our troops by writing them a postcard or two.  More than cookies, chocolate or other goodies, your words of encouragement and appreciation are vital to our soldier’s moral.  War is ugly!  I speak from personal experience as my son, Daniel, an Army sergeant, went to Iraq for a yearlong tour in 2006.  During his year over there he experienced watching his friends and ‘war buddies’ being killed in gun battles or by IEDs.  Thankfully, even though Daniel was in an IED explosion, he wasn’t hurt badly (a miracle)!  What meant so much to Daniel was getting news from home.  It didn’t matter if it was from myself, his family or friends of mine he had never met… what mattered most to Daniel was knowing that he mattered to folks at home!  So, I do encourage you to get out to the Grange at The Meadows in Castle Rock and write a supportive and encouraging post card to send to our troops.  Throw in a few anecdotal stories about life in Castle Rock, Colorado or the USA.  Let them know you greatly appreciate them and their sacrifice… because they do sacrifice their time, their families and their limbs and lives for YOU!

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