10th May, 2014

Water Wiser Classes Pay Off for Castle Rock Colorado & Its Residents

Water Wiser Classes Pay Off for Castle Rock Colorado & Its Residents


Because of its location on the semi arid high plains of Colorado, Castle Rock receives little help from Mother Nature in the critical rainfall department. With yearly precipitation only between 8-15 inches, the amount is much less than neighboring areas of Nebraska, which experience an average of 24 inches of welcome rain.


Because of these low rainfall amounts, Castle Rock CO real estate, residents and other concerns are encouraged to conserve water using a number of common sense approaches to reduce consumption. One area that deserves study is the planting of materials more suited to the environment. Using plants and trees that require less moisture is a good plan. Residents are also urged to eliminate water loss from leaking faucets and other household areas.

Castle Rock CO Water Wiser Classes have been established in most communities to provide residents with proper methods of water conservation in and around their property and homes. Castle Rock CO residents who complete the Water Wiser programs are exempted from the “every third day” watering restrictions that have been set in place. Residents can transfer water exemptions to a new Castle Rock CO home if they choose. The rules provide that while they can water every day, they must limit water use to their determined budgets.

The Water Wiser workshops are free, but you are advised sign up soon, as spaces are limited.

It’s a great program for Castle Rock CO residents. For more information visit http://www.crconserve.com.

Castle Rock CO‘s every-third-day, specific-hours watering program begins every year on June 1 and continues through August.

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