25th May, 2014

Belcaro & Bonnie Brae Neighborhooods in Denver CO

Belcaro & Bonnie Brae Neighborhooods in Denver CO


There are two distinctive old neighborhoods in Denver that have withstood the test of time and continue to be wonderful neighborhoods to consider as suitable home locations. One of those destinations is the charming Belcaro area, the other, Bonnie Brae. Denver's Bonnie Brae Ice CreamBoth date to the 1930s, when they housed city leaders and politicians such as Lawrence Phipps, a Colorado senator back in the 30s. Colorado Boulevard, Tennessee, Steele and Exposition on the north serve as the community’s boundaries.

Nearby, and quite accessible to Belcaro is another interesting neighborhood. It is known as Bonnie Brae. It is made up of beautiful period homes that were built from the 30s through the 1970s. People have lived here continuously since the neighborhood was first developed. In so doing they helped retain the neighborhood’s charm. Residents and newcomers alike love Bonnie Brae because of its proximity to the downtown area, Washington Park and the historic Cherry Creek districts. The borders of Bonnie Brae are Steele, University Boulevard, Exposition and Mississippi. There is a quaintness and charm about this area of Denver that makes living here irresistable.

Belcaro Neighborhood  in Denver CO Homes For Sale

Bonnie Brae Neighborhood  in Denver CO Homes For Sale

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